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Life Changes, Friends Don't

In a world where we can be anywhere we want, have anything we desire, talk to whoever we'd like, and do whatever we think of, variety has become saturated in our lives.  The world has become fully accessible, providing unlimited opportunities for the curious.  More and more we see young adults globe trotting for months on end in an attempt to see the world, live new cultures and meet different people.  The amount of people we can meet today seems infinite.  Does this undermine our value for those we have around us right now?  Are we not afraid to lose those close to us because of the availability of others?  Is it possible the answer lies in rising divorce rates, and declining rates of marriage and fertility?  We can learn important lessons from variety; it conditions us to be well-rounded, open-minded and resourceful in new environments.  Variety definitely enables personal growth and the opportunity to learn about yourself.  Continuity has its values too.  Having the same set of friends gives you an opportunity to have a group of individuals who thoroughly understand you.  In times of confusion they can offer you the clarity you need.  When your journey is lacking direction, they're the ones who will tell you where you came from.  Your best friends are the people who test if blood is actually thicker than water.  By definition they may not be your kin, but with time they've become your family, your brothers and sisters.  You can sit in silence without awkwardness, have an endless amount of inside jokes, and easily pick-up from where you left off.  Their parents are yours and vice versa, your each others counsellor, and one another's safe-haven.  Most importantly these are the people who allow you to be secure and open.  They do not hinder you from being your unique self because the fear of judgement is non-existent.  Recognize these are the people who allow you to grow in the healthiest way.  No better way to live life than to do it with your team.  A team who is your structure, your strength, the one's who at times know you better than you know yourself.  It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft and the same principle applies to being a best friend.  Only time will strengthen and grow your friendship.  Keep in mind, variety is something we should embrace, and meeting new people is always a bonus.  But in today's world we should be more conscious on investing in what's constant in our lives because what's readily available isn't always the best fit.  Share your story with your circle and be able to look back at a life with your people you lived it with. 




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