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Cheat Day in Toronto - Junked

What do you get when you combine a bartender that obtained a marketing and advertising degree with a cutting edge foodie that has no boundaries? Junked Food Co. Vince Farago and Brian Mckilligan are the founders of Toronto's new food craving hot spot! We took five to catch up with Vince and get the insider on this must-stop food shop.

UHA: First and foremost, congratulations on the success! Give us a play by play of the decision to make the Junked dream happen.

Junked Food Co. founders Vince Farago and Brian MckilliganVince: Thank you! Brian had his food catering company so I approached him to open a new bar with a food concept that we utilize both of our areas of expertise. We jumped in with two feet and after we found our location we decided to stick with food as the business would likely grow quicker. We visited the CNE and saw various blogs of different food mash-ups and thought we can do this all year long and better!

UHA: In roughly five months you guys managed to create a concept, rent a space and complete the renovations on your own. Did you at all doubt the amount of work that had to go into your spot before even hitting the kitchen to smash flavours together?

Smash BagsVince: It was literally just the two of us building everything with the exception of electrical. We YouTubed how to tile a floor. We didn't anticipate the amount of useless struggles we'd have to overcome but we have been so lucky with amount of press we've received to help us become successful in a short time.

UHA: You pride yourselves on taking cravings to the next level, how is it that two avid gym-goers are the master minds behind such sweet indulging?

Vince: We aren't trying to say that we don't serve some of the most common junk food but we aren't all just junked food. We're junkED food! Which is taking foods and putting our twist on it. Junk food is usually so bad for you because the fastest way to make it isn't the healthiest. We only deep fry one item on house! If you take time and find better ways to make the item it takes away a lot of those bad calories.

UHA: Aside from the sweet-savoury junk food, do you provide healthier options to someone who is trying to watch their waist-line?

Chicken Club Waffle SliderVince: We offer different salads and house made soups. Also our waffle sandwiches don't contain sugar like a heavy waffle would. It's light and savoury which makes it a great replacement for bread to go along with chicken and avocado or any of our other options.

UHA: With the well earned success out of the gate your team has had it's fair share of publicity. Most recently you had a short snippet on 'The Social', tell us about the feeling of seeing your idea flourish and having credited organizations give you props.

Vince: It all happened so fast! We were approached by all different blogs and publications it was amazing. It definitely pushed us out of the gate and gave us a good head start on the business.

UHA: Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years? What kind of ideas and collaborations would you like to exercise?

Vince: There's so many directions to go towards. We're thinking catering, wholesale, franchising and so on. We're actually shooting a pilot segment for a TV show so maybe some TV press. The sky is the limit and we want to expand the brand in every way it can go!

Cookie Stuffed CookieUHA: You guys are truly living out every kids dream by breaking every food rule. What kind of advice would you give to somebody who is on the brink of an idea but hasn't jumped in with two feet?

Vince: Try it! If you don't do it someone else will.

UHA: How has the Unsung Hero brand inspired your day to day routine?

Vince: Looking at what the Unsung boys have done with their brand and the way they've grown is complete inspiration. If you're willing to work and bounce back from the obstacles success is granted.

Vince and Hulk HoganUHA: Last but not least, would you rather a surprise visit from Hulk Hogan on a cheat day or Guy Fieri on lunch break?

Vince: As cool as it would be to see Hulk eat everything, Guy Fieri may have some better foodie ideas for us!

UHA: Thanks for taking the time to catch up! Congratulations on the success out of the gate. We'll see you June 6,7 weekend for the Toronto Pro Supershow.

Special thanks to Vince Farago for taking the time to sit down with Unsung Hero. Check out the latest happenings of Junked Food Co.:


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