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Against the Odds | Jeri-Ann Gelinas (Juice Me Healthy)

Jeri-Ann Gelinas is the 24 year old CEO of Juice Me Healthy; a 100% pure vegetable and fruit juice business that has taken the north by storm. Jeri-Ann caught up with us to give you the insider on how her adversity in reversing Crohn's and Colitis naturally created the successful platform for her business.

Juice Me Healthy CEO Jeri-Ann GelinasUHA: Briefly tell us about your background. Tell us about what inspired your idea, how you developed the process and what gave you the courage to jump in with both feet.

Jeri-Ann: In August 2011, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Colitis. After being in the hospital for a week on bowel rest, multiple tests, and being put on a few different kinds of medications that made me viscously sick like symptoms similar to chemo patients (weak, faint, nauseous, hair loss, constant vomiting, vertigo), having to quit my job because I was so sick, and being told I would be on my death bed within two months if I would stop taking medication. I decided to take my health into my own hands and figure out how to heal my body without the harsh medications and side effects that came along with them. I started researching and watching documentaries on juicing, clean eating and how to reverse Crohn's Disease naturally.

Juice Me HealthyTrial and error. What made me feel sick or hurt my stomach, I eliminated from my diet or found an alternative to substitute that ingredient. Like, using honey or pure maple syrup as sweetener instead of refined sugar; tapioca starch instead of corn starch; or coconut milk instead of cows milk. It took me a while to really get used to eating clean and juicing so often, but after a couple days, weeks... I really started to feel better. My body started to crave healthier foods and I had the energy to go to the gym again! In one year of completely changing my diet and juicing daily I lost 40lbs and reversed Crohn's Disease and Colitis! I believe juicing has changed my life for the better 100%. It is the quickest and easiest way to get all your daily nutrients and more. It has helped heal my auto immune disease, lose weight naturally, cleared my acne, gives me tremendous amounts of energy and makes me feel good inside and out.

After a lot of positive feed back, comments and questions on how I lost the weight and gaining interest from others suffering from IBD and other diseases, I decided to start a juicing service. But, I'm also here to talk and discuss health and fitness nutrition, juicing recipes, and healthier meal alternatives. Being able to assist or inspire others to take their health into their own hands is the most rewarding gift anyone could have! It keeps me motivated to continue to grow and help others!

UHA: What separates your product from some of the market leading juices/shakes?

Jeri-Ann: My juice is different from some of the other market leading juices/shakes because I only use the most delicious, organic - non GMO produce, never pasteurized, no chemicals added.

UHA: How many different options are available and how do the different ingredients supplement particular needs?

Juice Me HealthyJeri-Ann: There are a lot of different juice options available and each category assists specifically for certain needs. All juice are great, it's pure fruit and vegetable being pressed into a juice so your body can have a break from digesting solid, processed foods and quickly absorb all the delicious nutrients and enzymes within 15 minutes.

  • "Green" support cell and lung health, healthy arterial and liver function
  • "Orange" support healthy growth and development, eye and immune health and helps maintain skin hydration
  • "Red" support natural DNA health and prostate health
  • "Purple" support cognitive and heart health, healthy arterial function and provide antioxidant protection

All of my juices are mixed together for the best anti inflammatory, energy boosting, weight loss and disease fighting power!

UHA: What city does the business operate out of? Are the products just available local? If so, where?

Jeri-Ann: So far the business operates and distributes out of Sudbury. There are two locations where Juice Me Healthy is available - Culgin's Creative Cuisine 1375 Regent St, Sudbury; and at Troop MMA at The Gym Fitness Centre 1283 Sparks St, Sudbury. Delivery is available and can be ordered online.

UHA: Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years?

Jeri-Ann: I would love to see my brand in schools, other health and fitness organizations and events. I would love to be able help all kinds of people suffering from the same symptoms that I had suffered, or who just want to change their lifestyle!

UHA: Do you currently have any athletes endorsing your product? What one person would you love to pitch your product to?

Jeri-Ann: I currently have Mitch Gagnon, UFC Fighter, drinking my juice and is now a partner of Juice Me Healthy!

Juice Me HealthyUHA: What is your definition of a fulfilled life?

Jeri-Ann: My definition of a fulfilled life is to be happy, healthy and successful. Be happy every day, even if you have a bad day. Go to sleep and wake up every day being grateful for everything that is in your life right now. Once you believe and visualize what you want, it'll all start to fall into place exactly how you want it to.

UHA: How has a brand like Unsung Hero Apparel provided motivation throughout your process?

Jeri-Ann: A brand like Unsung Hero Apparel provided motivation throughout my process by supporting my business through social media, hooking me up with a sick tee (that I turned into a gym tank), and motivating and inspiring me every day to live a "No Quit, All Hustle" lifestyle.

UHA: Lastly, how will your brand help build it's surrounding community and leave a mark on society?

Jeri-Ann: I believe my brand will help build its surrounding communities and leave a mark on society because a lot more people are starting to realize that chemical filled food and drinks are the leading causes of weight gain, diseases and other health problems we are experiencing today. A lot more people are wanting to take health in their own hands, but simply do not have the time to wash, cut and juice for themselves or do not know how to start juicing and change their lifestyle. So, that's where I come in.

UHA: Congratulations on all the success! Your work is an inspiration to many.

Find out more about Juice Me Healthy at


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