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Office Grand Opening Reflection

This past Saturday we anxiously opened our new office doors to the public to give a behind the scenes look at where our day to day operations take place. This was a huge milestone for us as we've been putting in overtime at the end of each work day since November to completely customize our new headquarters to fit our needs. Prior to signing our first office lease I had done some research on how some of the most successful companies such as Google give their office infrastructure credit for increased productivity levels. If you're familiar with the brand you would already know that our purpose is to inspire consumers to live out their destiny and to not get stuck in the norm. So the question that came into play when engineering the new design is how can we personify the brand's versatility in a 1700 square foot office space? The concept came quite naturally as we stuck to the blue collar lifestyle that the brand was built on.

Unsung Hero Apparel Grand OpeningOne of the key guidelines we followed was to keep it open concept and to stray away from the 9-5 cubicle feel. Having the ability to work out of our own separate offices, working together as a team in the board room, spending an e-mail day lounging on the couch or working from the back warehouse with the garage door open allows us to switch things up and not become complacent.

Unsung Hero Apparel Grand OpeningAnother key addition is having the convenience of our own studio in house allowing us to expand our creative components along with online product turn around time.

Our office is situated a few doors down from our pals at the Complete Hockey Development centre and is one of the factors that motivated us to jump in with both feet on the new expansion. Having the opportunity to step out of the office for a good workout to recharge the batteries has certainly helped our all around focus on those days where you seem scatterbrained.

Unsung Hero Apparel Grand OpeningWe continue to give respect to the generations before us who have paved the way allowing us to pursue a life less ordinary. With this in mind we paid tribute in our lounge with our expanding antique collection of various sports/work items. This area is a constant reminder to us when things get difficult to keep it simple, work with purpose and it'll all work out!

Upon reflecting on the Grand Opening things really started to sink in. It seems like just yesterday I was working out of my apartment bedroom to now having a team of 7 professionals who respectfully fill the key positions needed to build our brand. We're constantly working to improve every avenue of the business and deliver quality through all our ventures. The most surreal part is we've created our dream of waking up everyday doing something we love, humbly knowing that we're making a positive impact on society. The office moral is best compared to the brotherhood on a sports team with each member possessing the kind of relentlessness you can't teach.

Unsung Hero Apparel Grand OpeningIt was a true honour to host over 250 people this past Saturday! We are extremely grateful for the support from the community who inspire us daily to reach the next milestone. There's no hiding the fact that when you make a big move in life there's a certain level of uncertainty but ultimately you know that you'll always have a strong core of friends and family who will support you if you continue to work in a good hearted fashion. This has been the sustainability for our team at UHA as our consumers have become friends and we're so proud to be on the front lines of this community! There's no question that we still have a tonne of learning to do much like the office still needs a little TLC however we've become content in allowing our headquarters to grow with us and be an identical representation of our brand. In closing I ask that you continue to hold us accountable as we aspire to perfect our craft.

Thank you and God Bless.

Skyler Winsor - CEO | Founder 

With our brand constantly evolving we're prospecting upcoming team members. If you eat, sleep and breath what we're branding please forward your resume to and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would make an impact on our team.


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