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Believe, Sacrifice, Triumph - Scott Doucette

From the genesis of Unsung Hero we've had the pleasure of developing friendships with our on-going supporters! These individuals have ultimately become positive brand ambassadors with the exposure of their tenacious lifestyle. You may recognize Scott Doucette from our photoshoots as he was present in our very first website launch and multiple shoots later. Scott is not only a body building specimen but he strives to achieve excellence in all departments of his life. We had the opportunity to catch up with our good friend in our latest interview.

UH: Scott, tell us a bit about your background.

Scott: I was born in Alliston, Ontario, near Toronto, and moved to Ottawa in 1996. I was raised by my father, who worked his life in the military, and I have one younger brother. Growing up I was always a very physically active kid, I wasn’t sure what my aspirations were at the time but I knew that sports/competition would be a large part of my life because I loved to push myself and see what was possible.

Scott DoucetteUH: When did physical activity become part of your daily regiment?

Scott: I was active ever since I can remember. I did every sport available in elementary school while also playing hockey competitively. As I got older, hockey and box lacrosse were my two most competitive sports but in high school I was introduced to freestyle wrestling. I quickly became addicted and put all my efforts into this one sport. I was always the smallest kid on every team growing up and one thing I loved about wrestling was that it was the first time in my life that my competition wouldn’t greatly outsize me, which was nice. Wrestling also introduced me to proper nutrition due to having to maintain a certain weight year round. I loved how proper nutrition changed my physique and I became obsessed with learning about exercise and nutrition.

Naturally wrestling introduced me to resistance training and I instantly fell in love. Growing up, being told “you’re too small” lit a fire in me. The gym was a way for me to overcome this obstacle. Before I knew it, I was more worried about what my physique looked like than my performance on the mat and it was around this time that the gym became part of my daily regime and is something I continue with today.

UH: How did it translate into the bodybuilding world?

Scott: I always considered myself an athlete. But after high school, wrestling was done so, even though I could focus all my efforts into the gym, I began to miss competition. I would set goals for myself in the gym, work hard to accomplish them, and then I would just be on to the next goal. I was becoming lost and wasn't sure why I was putting so much effort into improving my physique. One day I saw a picture on a cover of a magazine and even though I didn’t look anything like that person, I had this feeling that if I worked my butt off, I could eventually attain that look. The majority of fitness athletes on the covers compete in various physique shows, so I began to do the same. Competing in these types of shows would allow me to get my face out there while competing against other athletes. So this has been a great fit for me thus far.

Scott DoucetteUH: What are your current titles/accomplishments and what's on the horizon?

Scott: I started competing as a bodybuilder in 2014, doing a few small shows and doing well. In 2014, I began competing with the Ontario Physique Association (OPA) with the following accomplishments:

  • May 2014 – Luchka O’Brien Classic – 1st place Middleweight class
  • June 2014 – Ontario Provincials – 3rd place Middleweight class
  • July 2015 – Canadian Nationals – 3rd place Light-middleweight class

I love bodybuilding but, with the direction that the sport is going, I will not be able to compete at the highest levels. I’m not exactly sure what is next on the horizon but I do still have a goal that needs to be reached and I still want to compete.

UH: Aside from the bodybuilding programs for contest prep, what other sport-specific training do you think you could incorporate more of?

Scott: I compete as a bodybuilder, meaning the majority of my training is geared towards that but I really enjoy incorporating different types of training into my programs. This goes back to wanting to maintain a certain amount of athleticism. If I train only one way year-round, I believe I will be cutting my gains short. I include powerlifting techniques and lifts into my training, usually in the off-season, while incorporating many HIIT/crossfit training techniques into my programs while training for a show. I have found this to be effective in helping maintain muscle mass while getting my body fat low.

Scott DoucetteUH: What kind of positive changes would you like to see in the bodybuilding world?

Scott: Good question, bodybuilding is a great sport but I believe it has strayed from the more classic look like we saw in the late 1960’s-1980’s. Symmetry and conditioning used to be rewarded as much as size was. The sport of bodybuilding today rewards pure mass over conditioning, symmetry, and proportion. In this pursuit of that mass, we see certain negative changes to the physique like the distention of the stomach and, in my opinion, this is counteractive to the pursuit of a high-class physique. I would like to see the bodybuilding world reward a competitor for symmetry, conditioning, and proportion just as much as they do for pure size.

UH: How has adversity defined your daily drive?

Scott: Adversity has completely shaped who I am today. There is no one alive that hasn’t faced adversity but it’s how you react to that adversity that matters. Like I mentioned earlier, I was never able to compete athletically at the levels that I wanted to because I was told I was too small. I thought I had finally conquered this particular hurdle but this year at Nationals I was told the exact same thing I was told when I started training nine years ago: I was too small and had to get bigger. Adversity continues to define my daily drive today. But over time I’ve learned to embrace it and use it as fuel to drive my habits and actions on a daily basis to get what I want.

UH: Aside from the gym, what other ventures are occupying your time?

Scott: Currently, I’m a student at the University of Ottawa. This year I switched from the Human Kinetics program to the Health Sciences program. I used to hate school but through the gym and competing I have learned that if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it to the best of my ability. As a result, school takes up the majority of my time. Once I’ve completed my degree, I would like to open up my own gym, training all types of athletes. But that’s still a venture that is quite a time away. However, while I wait, I train athletes in various fields to help get my name out there and generate a clientele base.

Scott DoucetteUH: Favourite cheat meal?

Scott:One of my main “go to” cheat meals is pizza but I would have to say my favorite cheat meal is sushi. Its always “all you can eat” and I can make it a social thing and get a bunch of friends together which is great because, during prep, most meals are eaten alone out of Tupperware.

UH: What's something people may not know about you?

Scott: Hmmm, alright well something I don’t normally tell people is that I really like scented candles and incense. Hitting up Bath and Body Works is something I do more often that I like to admit. I just like having my place smell nice and I find them relaxing.

UH: What's songs are playing in your vehicle this summer?

Scott: For me summer music is all about cruising to some country tunes. In the gym I like to listen to music that will get me motivated and angry but out of the gym I find country music to be great feel good music. I’m blasting a lot of Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert, and Luke Bryan right now.

UH: Tell us about how you first became familiar with the Unsung Hero brand.

Scott: I was about 19 years old and a girl I was seeing bought me my first Unsung Hero Apparel (UHA) T-shirt. It was the “Can’t Stop the Driven” tee. I still have it to this day and can proudly say that my UHA wardrobe has been growing ever since. I instantly fell in love with the quality of the apparel but also the vision behind the brand. UHA represents a way of life, that no matter what field you choose to pursue, weather it be athletics or the board room, that success and excellence lies in the ability to chase those dreams on a daily basis with an unstoppable tenacity. I try to live my life the same way so I feel a special connection with this brand.

UH: Has the brand effected your day to day routine? If so, how?

Scott: It may sound weird for an apparel company to do, but Unsung Hero Apparel has absolutely changed my day to day routine. Not just in regards to providing top quality apparel for me to rock but the fact that each and every single person that is a part of the company truly lives and breathes the “No Quit, All Hustle” vision. I remember purchasing apparel from the CEO’s apartment and now I can go online and place an order or stop by their office/store. Watching this company grow and having their vision positively impact so many lives around the world has been nothing short of amazing and it proves to me that, with hard work and a “No Quit, All Hustle” attitude, anything is possible!

Scott DoucetteUH: What advice would you give to our younger viewers with the pursuit of happiness?

Scott: Your question hits the nail on the head, pursue what makes you happy, whatever it may be. Life is too short to live someone else’s dream, we need to chase excellence in whatever endeavour that makes us happy and by doing so we will create the best “us” possible.

Lastly, achieving greatness in any field is not easy, I believe that at the most basic level excellence takes three core principles; we need to know exactly what we want, we need a sickening work ethic, and we need to be ready to make as many sacrifices needed to achieve our goals. These core principals along with a “No Quit, All Hustle” work ethic will certainly put you on the path to achieving greatness.

UH: Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us Scott, you can count on us to be in your corner every step of the way.

Scott: Thanks very much for this opportunity and I’m very excited to watch Unsung Hero Apparel continue to grow and positively impact lives.

Special thanks to Scott Doucette for taking the time to sit down with Unsung Hero. You can follow Scott on Twitter  @ScottDou7 to track his relentless commitment to the “No Quit, All Hustle” lifestyle.


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