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Community Spotlight: Alexare Hervato

Community Spotlight: Alexare Hervato

Meet Alexare, a Stittsville, Ontario Native, OCSB Teacher, CrossFit Coach and day one supporter of Unsung Hero. Alexare is known for her high-energy personality and commitment to leading an active lifestyle. Ms. Hervato is a science and physical education teacher for the OCSB and has recently started teaching civics and religion. Outside of teaching Alexare is the head coach for CrossFit 613’s kids program.

Crossfit 613
Alexare’s upbringing revolved around sports, where most of her family vacations were out of town hockey and soccer tournaments. She still resides in the west end and highlights her appreciation for Stittsville’s “small town feel” even though she recognizes the area is growing fast.

UVU Fitness

An Ottawa University and Nipissing University alum, Alexare has three degrees; Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (U of O), Honours in Psychology (U of O) and a Bachelors in Education (Nipissing). Currently a contract teacher, Alexare’s 2017 goal is to obtain a permanent teaching position.

Alexare had her sights set on teaching from an early age. Fulfilment for her comes from working with kids everyday and having the opportunity to motivate youth to achieve their goals. Her teaching extends outside of the classroom and into the gym where she coaches and introduces her young members to functional movement patterns that will help them develop as they grow.

Nipissing University

Alexare also has her sights set on competing in an Olympic Lifting or Power Lifting competition. She mentions the “idea of trying to hit your max lift with all eyes on you is very daunting, but I’d love to eventually see what I’m capable of compared to other girls my size”.

For those who haven’t met Alexare, she’s 5’0” tall with a huge heart. She was first introduced to the Unsung Hero brand while training at the University of Ottawa sports complex. Becoming familiar with the brand, Alexare purchased the “Overcome” t-shirt, her first UH purchase. In big bold letters the shirt reads “I Dare You To Doubt Me” which resonated with Alexare for the challenges she faced in sport and competition.

Ottawa Crossfit

As an Unsung Hero advocate we asked Alexare to share her perspective on the brand, she left us with “I love Unsung because of their positive messages and what they stand for as a company. It’s not just a brand that supports working hard in the gym or through a sport. Their messages throughout all their work they do inspires people to work hard in all aspects of life. We are all defined by many different aspects of our life (family, friends, work, hobbies), and that message of being the best you can be, and working at your goals every day is something that people need to apply to all aspects of your life. They practice what they preach, and that’s how you know what they are selling is real”.

Unsung Hero Charity Gala

Thanks for your loyalty Alexare!

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  • Amy

    Great read!! Lex, you’re a superstar!! x

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