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Community Spotlight: UVU Fitness

Meet Kenny Caceros

If there was one word to describe Ottawa native Kenny Caceros it would be ambitious. Since his humble beginnings, Kenny could be found outside playing the game he loved most; soccer. His athletic background and commitment to the sport lead him to play for our hometown professional soccer club, the Ottawa Fury. His dedication to dry land training led to much more than just the game. Between seasons he was introduced to personal and group based fitness classes by his brother which overtime he developed a passion of his own. Kenny was determined to not only level up his own physical fitness to become a better athlete but to also leverage this opportunity to help people recognize the same potential he did.

UVU Fitness
Kenny began to use social media to film some of his unique workouts while demonstrating that equipment isn’t always necessary to get a good sweat in. A lot of his videos took place outside, on the field which eventually led to the beginning of his journey. Kenny began to take on a few clients of his own, starting with group training on the field. This opportunity led to additional opportunities that had him commuting from home to home to make it convenient for his clients while holding them accountable.

UVU Fitness

With his client base increasing and time being limited, Kenny took a unique approach to growing his own personal brand while maximizing his time. Kenny contacted local fitness facilities ranging from circuit classes, yoga, barre, you name it. His approach was to plan a drop in class that he would attend with his client base. Not only did he have the opportunity to step out of his own comfort zone while trying new things, he also used the opportunity to connect local businesses and people with the same end goal of providing a quality product. This was the introduction to UVU: You vs. You, a philosophy Kenny lives by.

UVU Fitness

Since then, Kenny has grown his business to a unique boutique studio in the heart of Preston Street where he trains his 30+ clients weekly. Kenny is constantly looking at new ways to expand his brand and provide value for those around him.

UVU Fitness

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