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Courage, Honour, Rescue: Kayla Amodeo

Kayla Amodeo, a resident of White Lake Ontario, is a 29-year-old who enjoys the simple things in life. While she does enjoy fishing, going to the lake, and spending time with friends, she still manages to make time to train and go to the gym, spend time with her fiancé, and sit down by a late night fire.

Kayla AmodeoKayla originally heard about Unsung Hero growing up in Timmins ON, as that’s where the original idea was created and born. Kayla had seen the brand around Timmins, however it was when she moved to White Lake that she really started to see the brand and the impact it had on others. Kayla stated “What really resonated with me was that Unsung Hero focused less on the glamour and end results that most brands tend to do, and they really bring to light the dirt, grit, often ugly, hard work that people put in to reaching their goals. Unsung Hero focuses on the days that you want to quit but push through, and they focus on the ‘hunger’ because, people who put in this work and achieve their goals are always hungry for more, always striving to be better and never settling for being content.” Kayla goes on to state how the brand resonates with her on a daily basis, but also runs parallel with the principles that are involved with her occupation as a firefighter.

Kayla spent 9 years devoting, training, and studying to get her dream job. There was a lot of hard work and sacrifice required just to get into the force and, still, there isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t have to keep training, keep learning, and keep pushing herself to get to the next level. There are many challenges Kayla faces being in the force. There are obviously the physical and mental obstacles that come with that line of work. However, one of the obstacles she also faces is the controversy of being a woman in a predominantly male workplace. Despite the mixed opinions, Kayla says “I don’t see myself as a ‘female firefighter’, I see myself simply as a firefighter. I feel like this mentally has been crucial to my career and who I am because I never saw myself as different simply because I’m a girl.” She also goes on to say that “It’s harder for women, but if you put in the work and show that you can do the job, the guys will respect you just like they do men. I can say that my experience on the job has been amazing, the guys treat me no different than they do everyone else. This is because they can see that I can do the same job whether I had to work harder or not isn’t relevant, in the end, I can do it.”

We wanted to honour and thank Kayla for not only being an unbelievable supporter and advocate of the brand, but also for being a role model, and an example for many other people out there who face challenges and adversity. Thank you from all of us at Team Unsung Hero, for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work.

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