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Stay Humble, Stay Hungry - Apex Skating

Teamwear Spotlight: Apex Skating, Ottawa, Canada

We recently collaborated with the Apex Skating team through our teamwear division and had a great time hearing about their love of the game. We take great pride in working with organizations who have as much passion about their craft as we do. We took a few minutes to chat with Apex founders Dan Bittle and Shane Byrne to hear more about their product.

Apex Skating
What sparked the idea of Apex Skating?

Dan: Our mission was to create a skating development organization that teaches skating technique using principles of biomechanics and exercise science, coupled with advancements in state-of-the-art technology. By assessing asymmetry in our clients using objective tools such as high speed video technology, and motion capture analysis, we are better able to help our clients refine their skating technique in order to become more efficient and powerful on the ice.

Shane: While on-ice skating development is the core of our business, we recently opened two Skating Treadmill Performance Centres in Ottawa. The skating treadmills are an added value to our clientele, where our goal is to treat each minor hockey player just like our professional clients - giving them the best and most elite training experience possible.

Apex Skating
Who would benefit from Apex Skating and what should a newcomer expect to get of an Apex Skating program?

Shane: Any hockey or ringette player seeking to improve their game would strongly benefit from becoming an Apex Skating client. Along with our progressive coaching methodology, our team of Skating and Skill Specialists are extremely knowledgeable, and all bring extensive professional credentials and great positive energy to each development session.

Dan: With our use of state-of-the-art technology, we create a scouting report on each Apex Skating Client, identifying which skating movements exhibit asymmetry. Much like a strength and conditioning coach in the gym, our Skating Specialists work on the ice to correct these imbalances in order to create a well-rounded player, ready to return to the game and become a powerful force on the ice.

Apex Skating
With a 4 to 1 client to coach ratio and tailored development solutions, touch on Apex Skating’s philosophy.

Shane: Our guaranteed 4-to-1 Client to Coach ratios are extremely important in ensuring that each client receives the most amount of active coaching feedback possible, and leaves each session working toward their personal goals.

Dan: We have invested heavily in technology and research advancements in the field of exercise science in order to help our clients work toward achieving strategic personal objectives. We are continuously evolving our coaching methodology through our partnership with academic institutions and professional teams. Our corporate philosophy is centred around providing a premium personal experience as opposed to running a volume-centric business model.

Apex Skating
Having worked with all skill levels, are there any common characteristics of those who consistently accomplish their skating and skill development goals?

Dan: In our experience, we have seen common inefficient tendencies in skating technique from the youngest ranks of minor hockey, right up to the professionals. Our goal is to provide the objective means to analyze and assess these asymmetries, and provide a progression model to help players overcome the inefficiencies in their skating technique.

Shane: An important and often overlooked aspect to player development is self-confidence. We work hard to create a positive environment where our clients are challenged to push themselves past their comfort zone. Our coaching staff work diligently to keep the training atmosphere intense, yet fun for each client.

Apex Skating
Having transitioned from sport to business, are there any practices or lessons that are applicable in both arenas?

Dan: There are several commonalities between sport and business - teamwork, perseverance, and a drive to win and succeed. As an entrepreneur, you are often faced with distinct challenges that are inherently unique to being a business owner. With this comes a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when seeing a client reach their goals, or achieving a new milestone for the business.

Building Apex Skating from the ground up, what’s the one thing that comes to mind when you reflect on your entrepreneurial grind?

Dan: The quote “stay humble, stay hungry” is a poignant mantra for the life of a young entrepreneur. Each day faces unique challenges that humble oneself; finding accomplishment in the small daily victories is key to staying motivated when focusing toward the bigger picture. The 14 hour work days can become burdensome upon one’s social life, but loving your career - and helping others achieve their goals, put everything into perspective.

You can find out more about APEX SKATING at



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