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Some of us are fortunate to be in the right place at the right time while others work to put themselves in the right place to create opportunity.

 Meet one of the latter; CrossFit NCR co-owner and coach, Pete Shaw.

There’s no denying that a profession of helping others and physical activity would align for Pete’s future, it was just a matter of creating the right platform to lay that foundation. His journey started as a youngster playing hockey followed by many years as a lifeguard. While looking for an additional source of income he landed his first personal training job running circuit classes. While his resume lacked experience, he made up for it with his commitment to further develop his knowledge and his passion for connecting with his clients. 

While his winter’s were spent in Kingston attending Queen’s university, his summers were spent in his dad’s garage gym. One afternoon one of his neighbours, a local firefighter told him he should look into as a bunch of the guys from the station were doing the workouts. After looking up the unfamiliar workouts he immediately connected with the multiple lifting aspects incorporated into each WOD (workout of the day) and the growing community behind the CrossFit brand.

In 2013, while still personal training he signed up for a membership at CrossFit NCR; a local box ran by program mastermind Reza Mashkoori and Reebok CrossFit athlete, Paul Tremblay.

“At that time I only understood CrossFit as a sport, but quickly realized it was much more than that. I knew after only a few months that CrossFit was going to change the fitness industry and I had to be a part of it.”

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Pete’s work ethic and strength was quickly recognized by the ownership duo and after some convincing they agreed to take the newcomer under their wing to develop him into a coaching role. As the CrossFit community grew, so did NCR and it was heavily credited to the competitive atmosphere and experienced coaching they provided. The growth brought them to a crossroad of whether or not they expand or continue with a crowded gym with their current members. As advocates of practicing what they preach they decided to push their product to the next level with the NCR expansion. As Pete progressed with coaching, the NCR team approached him with an ownership opportunity to be part of taking their vision to the next level. 

Pete’s progression is credited to his relentless work ethic and humble approach. He’s earned respect not only for his own training but also in the coaching realm. His no excuse approach is described by his peers with strict emphasis on timing and proper reps. In addition to his NCR coaching role his commitments landed him a position with the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar staff. 

Today, Pete has his eye on the upcoming regionals at the end of the month as he qualified with strong open results putting him at the top of the leader board. This will be Pete’s 4th regional appearance. 

“The future is unpredictable but I sure hope that when I’m a grandpa I’m still shirtless in group classes, teaching as much as I can” 

Outside of the gym, Pete’s time is spent with his wife, Dr. Jennifer Crichton (who is also part of the CrossFit Health team) and their golden doodle, RZA. 

To learn more about CrossFit NCR visit to sign up for a free trial class.