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Behind the Brand

It was never a dream, it was a plan. 

In his adolescence years, Skyler Winsor began writing as a form of escapism to document ideas that he had for his future. Little did he know this would later become a blueprint to his life. Skyler grew up in the small city of Timmins, ON where he spent the majority of his time in the local hockey rinks and weight rooms. This environment developed a strong interest in connecting with others who shared the same passion of maximizing their potential. He continued to write and document creative ideas while collecting magazine clippings with strong marketing campaigns that had resonated with him. Creating a t-shirt line was never an initial thought, however the foresight was apparent when he purchased a blank white t-shirt and wrote “Never Give Up” in permanent marker as a commitment to the bar he set for himself. 

After high school, Winsor made the move from his Northern Ontario roots to the Canadian capital to leverage a larger networking platform and establishing his footprint.

While he worked to solidify his stay in Ottawa, Skyler recognized the term “Unsung Hero” frequently in the sports world and throughout the community when defining someone who made a sacrifice for the betterment of others. Something clicked and it became evident to him that the ultimate fulfillment didn’t come from the destination but rather the process and the social impact made while doing so.

The Unsung Hero identity was born and was first introduced to Facebook with nothing more than a vision statement and a few early t-shirt mock-ups drawn up on paint that personified the daily grind. The top voted design from friends and family was printed on twelve individual t-shirts while the quality was assessed for longevity and wear. After three years of product and brand development while seeking start-up capital, the Unsung Hero dream became reality with the launch of the online store on May 2012, retailing the first small line of t-shirts. 

Today, Unsung Hero products can be found across North America worn by individuals with many varying aspirations but share the same motive of maximizing their 24 hours. With the addition of key team members, Unsung Hero is evolving as a dynamic fashion-forward brand with a commitment to durability and comfort for versatility in all lifestyles. 

The Unsung Hero headquarters is situated in Ottawa’s west-end with a fully operating public showroom and creative studio for the team’s daily operations. In addition to online and retail, Unsung Hero has since expanded its services into a collaborative teamwear division. This expansion specializes in creative cobranding with like-minded organizations producing custom wholesale garments.

The brand’s foundation is credited to the involvement of their loyal consumer base with aspirations of making a positive social impact worldwide. This platform has developed Unsung Hero into a household name, priding themselves in being a leader within the community.


Skyler Winsor

 Instagram: @skylerwinsor

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